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Assignments-  Earth and Physical Science

Monday 5/22
Earth- Section Reviews 1,2 Chapter 16
Physical- Valley Fair Field Trip
Tueday 5/23
Earth-Notes on Temp, Humidity and Wind
Physical- Section Reviews 3,4 chapt 17
Wednesday 5/24
Earth- Section Reviews 1,2 chapt 1,2
Physical-PPT on Circuits (Parallel and Series)

Thursday 5/25
Earth- Weather Video
Physical- PPT Continued
Friday 5/26
Earth- Chapter 16 Weather Vocabulary
Physical- Chapter 17 Chapter Review

Monday 5/15
Earth- ConstructionLandform Model
Physical- Intro to Snap Kit Lab and equipment
Tueday 5/16
Earth-Landform Model Construction
Physical- Circuits - Snap Kit
Wednesday 5/17
Earth- Landform Models- Due Date
Physical- Circuits Snap Kit

Thursday 5/18
Earth- Lamdform Model Assessment
Physical- Circuits- Snap Kit
Friday 5/19
Earth- Chapter 16 Weather Vocabulary
Physical- Chapter 17  Section Reviews 3,4

Monday 5/8
Earth- ConstructionLandform Model
Physical- Video: Notes on Electricity
Tueday 5/9
Earth-Landform Model Construction
Physical- History of Electricity Production BBC.   Chapter 17 Vocabulary
Wednesday 5/10
Earth- Landform Models- Due Date
Physical-Chapt 17 Vocabulary Due-  PPT Electricity

Thursday 5/11
Earth- Lamdform Model Assessment
Physical- Vocabulary Chapt 17 Section Reviews 1,2
Friday 5/12
Earth-Video- Planet Earth
Physical- Video Planet Earth

Monday 5/1
Earth- Construction- Landform Model
Physical- IMA, AMA, Efficiency of Ramps- Notes
Tueday 5/2
Earth-Landform Model Construction
Physical-IMA, AMA Efficiency Levers and Pulleys- Notes
Wednesday 5/3
Earth- Begin Landform Model- Construction
Physical- Assign Study Guide Simple Machines/ Work/ Power

Thursday 5/4
Earth-Landform Model Construction

Physical- Review Study Guide- Guided Practice Simple Machines
Friday 5/5
Earth-Landform Model Construction
Physical-Work, Power Simple Machines Test

Monday 4/24
Earth- Introduce Landform Model Project
Physical- Notes on Work and Power- Wksht 1
Tueday 4/25
Earth-Landform Model Map Making
Physical-Review Work and Power- Wkshts 2- Pass out Valley Fair Permission Slip
Wednesday 4/26
Earth- Begin Landform Model- Construction
Physical- Roller Coaster Project- Worksheet

Thursday 4/27
Earth-Landform Model Construction

Physical- Introduction to Simple Machines
Friday 4/28
Earth-Landform Model Construction
Physical-Science World - 5 Key Points Reading Strategy-PGP

Monday 4/17
Earth- No School
Physical- No School
Tueday 4/18
Earth-Notes: Glaciers- Valley and Continental- Notes
Physical-Roller Coaser Project
Wednesday 4/19
Earth-Erosion and Deposition Study Guide Review
Physical- Roller Coaster Project- Worksheet

Thursday 4/20
Earth- Review Study Guide

Physical- Roller Coaster Project- Final Day
Friday 4/21
Earth-Erosion Deposition Test
Physical- Roller Coaster Testing

Monday 4/10
Earth- Notes: shoreline and beach erosion
Physical- Roller Coaster Project
Tueday 4/11
Earth-Notes: Desert formation and Dunes
Physical-Roller Coaser Project
Wednesday 4/12
Earth-Notes Surface Water- immature and mature river characteristics
Physical- Roller Coaster Project

Thursday 4/13
Earth- Ground Water- caves, wells, water table, sink holes- Notes and Whole Group Review over Weeks Key Topics
Physical- Roller Coaster Project
Friday 4/14
Earth- Spring Break
Physical- Spring Break

Monday 4/3
Tueday 4/4
Earth-Lab- Drawing cross section of earth- plate boundaries
Physical-Roller Coaster Construction
Wednesday 4/5
Earth- Cross Section Drawing
Physical-Roller Coaster Construction

Thursday 4/6
Earth- Cross Section Drawing
Physical-Roller Coaster Construction
Friday 4/7
Earth-Dantes Peak
Physical- Roller Coaster Construction

Monday 3/27
Earth- Notes- Volcanos Cont.,  Intro to Stresses, Faulting, Earthquakes
Physical-  Intro to Roller Coaster Project
Tueday 3/28
Earth-Earthquakes, P and S Waves, Epicenter Loaction Activity
Physical-Roller Coaster Construction
Wednesday 3/29
Earth- Earthquakes- Location Cont.
Physical-.Roller Coaster Construction

Thursday 3/30
Earth- Review Earthquakes/ Volcanoes
Physical-Roller Coaster Construction
Friday 3/31
Earth- Quiz- Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Physical- Roller Coaster Construction

Monday 3/20
Earth- Notes Plate Tectonics- Convergent Boundaries
Physical- Hot Wheels Lab - Effciency Hill 1 vs Hill 2- PGP Science/Math
Tueday 3/21
Earth-Plate Tectonics Convergent Boundaries Cont.
Physical-Hot Wheels Lab- Efficicency Hill  vs Loop PGP Science/ Math
Wednesday 3/22
Earth- Reading Strategy- Chapter Outline Plate Tectonics
Physical- Hot Wheels- Improving Efficency with 2 Hill System PGP Science/ Math

Thursday 3/23
Earth- Reading Strategy- Chapter Outline Cont.
Physical-Improving Efficiencty of Hill1 Hill 2 PGP Science/ Math
Friday 3/24
Earth-Plate Tectonics-  Volcano Types, Characteristics, Events, Dangers
Physical- Begin "Energy" Pckt- PGP Reading/ Science/ Math

Monday 3/13
Earth- Pangea Activity
Physical= Notes and Examples of Calculating Potential Energy PGP Science
Tueday 3/14
Earth-Nat Geo Gems
Physical-Notes and Examples of Calculating Kinetic Energy
Wednesday 3/15
Earth- SR's  205, 213
Physical-Potential and Kinetic Energy Packet

Thursday 3/16
Earth-Notes on Plate Tectonics
Physical-PGP Reading Strategy-   Potential and Kinetic Energy Packet
Friday 3/17
Earth-Science World- Read for Fun- Reading Strategy
Physical- Science World- Read for Fun- PGP Reading Strategy- 5 Key Points

Monday 3/6
Cross Section Drawing of Earth
Physical-Synthesis Reactions Lab- Steel Wool
Tueday 3/7
Earth- MCA Test
Cross Section Drawing of Earth
Physical-Synthesis Reactions Lab- Magnesium Ribbon
Wednesday 3/8
Earth- MCA Test
Plotting Earthquakes and Volcanoes PT Margins
Physical- Decomposition Lab Write UP

Thursday 3/9
Earth-Plotting Earthquakes and Volcanoes PT Margins
Physical-Chapt 14 Chapt Rev
Friday 3/10
Earth-No School
Physical-No School

Monday 2/27
Earth-MCA Test Prep- PGP
Mapping Test
Physical-Balancing Chem Equations  PGP Math
Tueday 2/28
Earth-MCA Test Prep-PGP Science
Vocabulary Crossword Chapt 7- Reading Strategy
Physical-Balancing Chem Equations
Wednesday 3/1
Earth- MCA Test Prep-PGP Science
Vocabulary Crossword Chapt 7- Reading Strategy
Physical- Balancing Chem EquationsT

Thursday 3/2
Earth- MCA Test Prep PGP Science
Structure of Earth Notes and PPT- Seismic Wave Demonstration
Physical- Chemistry of Fireworks
Friday 3/3
Earth-MCA Test Prep- PGP Science
Drawing Cross Section of Earth/ Label
Physical-Chemistry of Fireworks

Monday 2/20
Presidents Day- No School

Tueday 2/21
Earth-MCA Test Prep- PGP Science
Drawing Elevation Contours
Physical-Calorie Lab Packet Due  PGP Reading/ Science/ Math
Wednesday 2/22
Earth-MCA Test Prep- PGP Science
Drawing Elevation Contours
Physical- Calorie Lab Quiz PGP Reading/ Science /Math

Thursday 2/23
Earth-MCA Test Prep-PGP Science
Drawing Elevation Contours
Physical- Field Trip Information to Valley Fair
Pressure in fluids virtual lab.  PGP Math/ Science/ Reading
Friday 2/24
Earth-MCA Test Prep
Quiz over Maps- Reading Strategy (Standardized Test- Comprehension Strategy)
Physical Science - Virtual Lab Pressure of fluids PGP Math Science Reading

Monday 2/13
Earth- Contour Model Lab
Physical- Calorie Lab - Burning Dorito 1 and 2
Tueday 2/14
Earth- Contour Model Lab
Physical-Quiz-Calorie Lab Packet- Completing Data Table
Wednesday 2/15
Earth-Section Reviews Chapter 2
Physical- Calorie Lab Packet- Completing Data Table

Thursday 2/16
Earth-Contour Elevation Packet PGP Reading/ Math/ Science
Physical-Calorie Lab Packet/  Reading Strategy
Friday 2/17
Earth-Chapt 2 Chapt. Review
Physical-Chemical Reactions- Section Reviews

Monday 2/6
Earth-Intro to Contour Maps Notes
Physical-States of Matter- Section Reviews 69,73
Tueday 2/7
Earth- Rules of Contours with examples
Physical- Intro to Calorie Lab- Review Questions 1-15
Wednesday 2/8
Earth-Contour Packet- Rules- Reading Strategy
Physical- Calorie Lab- Calculating Calories per Gram of Food- Packet Questions
on Example Lab Calculations

Thursday 2/9
Earth- Building Contour Model
Physical- Calorie Lab- Burning Peanut 1 and 2
Friday 2/10
Earth- Building Contour Model
Physical-Calorie Lab- Burning Cheeto 1 and 2
Monday 1/30
Earth-Earth and Moon Studyguide
Physical-Cmpd Pckt- Acid Base Lab
Tueday 1/31
Earth- Earth and Moon Test
Physical-Pre-Lab Exothemic and Endothermic Reactions
Wednesday 2/1
Earth- PPT- Globes, Latitude, Longitude
Physical- Lab Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

Thursday 2/2
Earth-Latitude/ Longitude- plotting
Physical- Chemical Reactions Review for Test
Friday 2/3
Earth- Latitude/ Longitude plotting-PGP Reading Strategy Contour Map
Physical-  Test on Chemical Reactions- PGP Reading Strategy Sci World

Monday 1/23
Earth-SS Model Construction
Physical-Cmpd Pckt- Compound Review
Tueday  1/24
Earth- SS Model Construction
Physical-Pre- Lab Molecular and Ionic Compounds
Wednesday 1/25
Earth- Work on SS Model
Physical-Lab  Molecular and Ionic Compounds

Thursday 1/26
Earth-Begin Model Construction
Physical- Pre-Lab Acids and Bases
Friday 1/27

Inservice - No School

Monday 1/16
Earth- Work on SS Research
Physical- Review Notes Ionic and Covalent Bonding
Tueday  1/17
Earth- Work on SS research
Physical-Virtual Lab Chemical Bonding
Wednesday 1/18
Earth- Work on SS research
Physical-Compound Pckt- Chemical Formulas and Names

Thursday 1/19
Earth-Begin Model Construction
Physical- Compound Pckt- Classes and Types of Compounds PGP Reading/ Science
Friday 1/20
Earth- SS Model Construction
Physical-Compound Pckt- Virtual Lab Compounds

Monday 1/9
Inservice- No School
Tueday  1/10
Earth-Solar System Introduction
Physical-Begin Compound Pckt
Wednesday 1/11
Earth-Assign groups, Work on SS research
Physical-Compound Pckt- Chemical Bonds

Thursday 1/12
Earth-Work on SS research
Physical- Compound Pckt- Ionic Bonds
Friday 1/13
Earth- Work on SS research
Physical-Compound Pckt- Covalent Bonds  PGP Reading/ Science

Monday 1/2
Earth-Finish Sun Diagram
Physical-PPT Periodic Table  PGP Science/ Math
Tueday  1/3
Earth-Notes on the sun, ppt
Physical-PPT on Periodic Table PGP Science/ Math
Wednesday 1/4
Earth-Text SR. inner and outer planets
Physical-Periodic Table Pckt PGP Science/ Math

Thursday 1/5
Earth-correct sr's  inner and outer planets
Physical- Periodic Table Pckt PGP Science/ Math
Friday 1/6
Earth- Notes on the Moon
Physical- Notes on Isotopes- worsheet

Dec 23- Jan 2
Happy Holidays

Monday 12/19
Earth- Notes Comets, Asteroids
Physical-Atomic Model Construction  PGP Science
Tueday  12/20
Earth-Notes Meteors, Meteoroids, Meteorites
Physical- Atomic Model Construction PGP Science
Wednesday 12/21
Earth-notes protoplanet hypothesis
Physical-Atomic Model Construction

Thursday 12/22
Earth-Notes on layers of sun-PGP  Reading Strategies (Context Clues)
Physical- Models Due- Assign SR pg 343,PGP Reading Strategies (Context Clues)
Friday 12/23
Winter Break

Monday 12/12
Earth- Astronomy Studyguide- Test Tuesday
Physical-Parafin Freezing Point Lab
Tueday  12/13
Earth-Astronomy Assessment
Physical- Review Freezing Pt. Lab, Assign: Conclusion
Wednesday 12/14
Earth-Test Make-Ups, Nat Geo Video
Physical- Electron Energy Levels  S,P,D,F and electron placement PGP Math and Science

Thursday 12/15
Earth- Notes: Formation of Solar System
Physical- Assign Atomic Numbers 1-18- Placement of Electrons  PGP Math and Science
Friday 12/16
Earth- Notes:  Formation of Solar System/ Minor Objects
Physical- Assign Atomic Numbers 19 to 34  PGP Math and Science

Monday 12/5
Earth- Life Cycle of Stars Drawing
Physical- Periodic Table
Tueday  12/6
Earth-Life Cycle of Stars- Coloring Lab
Physical- Periodic Table- PPT Notes, Flipbook
Wednesday 12/7
Earth- Review Notes from Chapt 12
Physical- List of Elements to Memorize- Make Flip Books

Thursday 12/8
Earth-  Chapter 18 pg 606,607 (1-24)
Physical- Chem. Symbol Game, Chapter 12 Sec. Rev 2
Friday 12/9
Earth- Correct Chapt 18 Chapter Review,  Context Clues Reading Strategies- Science World  PGP Reading
Physical-  Chemical Symbol Test, Reading Strategies Context Clues from Science World

Monday 11/28
Earth-  Worksheet using Star Finder Wheel- PGP Math Science
Physical- States of Matter: Assign SR's 69,79
Tueday  11/29
Earth- Worksheet using Star Finder Wheel-  PGP Math Science
Physical-  Phase Changes in Matter, Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy related to partilce behavior
Wednesday 11/30
Earth- Ascension and Declination Wksht-- PGP Math Science
Physical- Test Make-up, Vocab Chapt 12

Thursday 12/1
Earth-Star Dome PGP Science
Physical- Studyguide Matter
Friday 12/2
Earth-Rt. Star Dome PGP Science
Physical-Matter Test

Monday 11/21
Earth-Create a Constellation- PGP Reading Strategy
Physical- Matter Virtual Lab 1
Tueday  11/22
Earth-Share Constellations- PGP Reading Strategy
Physical-Matter Virtual Lab 2
Wednesday 11/23
Earth-Build Star Finder Wheel
Physical- Matter Virtual Lab 3-4

Thursday 11/24
   Happy Thanksgiving
Friday 11/25
Happy Thanksgiving

Monday 11/14
Earth-Apollo 13 Studyguide
Physical- Apollo 13 Studyguide
Tueday  11/15
Earth- Apollo 13 Studyguide
Physical-Review Matter Pckt Pt 3- Intro Lab
Wednesday 11/16
Earth- Apollo 13 Studyguide- PGP Reading Strategies Context Clues
Physical- Apollo 13 Studyguide-PGP  Reading Strategies Context Clues

Thursday 11/17
No School
Friday 11/18
No School

Monday 11/7
Earth-Review Test/ Make- Ups
Physical- Matter Pckt Pt 1
Tueday  11/8
Earth-Assign Chapt Vocab-  PGP- Reading Strategy- close reading
Physical- Matter Pckt Pt 1 PGP- Math Science Reading
Wednesday 11/9
Earth- Notes on the Big Bang/ Evidence
Physical-Matter Pckt Pt 2

Thursday 11/10
Earth- Nat  Geo Formation of Universe
Physical-Matter Pckt Pt 2
Friday 11/11
Earth- Shapes of Galaxies/ Open- Closed Universe Theory
                   Physical-Matter Pckt Part 3

Monday 10/31
Earth-Characterisitcs of Light- PPT presentation
Physical- Hydrated Crystal Lab-  PGP Math Science
Tueday  11/1
Earth- Studyguide Telescope/Light
Physical-Hydrated Crystal Lab - PGP Math Science
Wednesday 11/2
Earth-Studyguide Telescope/ Light
Physical-Reading Strategy Context Clues-- PGP Reading

Thursday 11/3
Earth- Telescope and Light Test
Physical- Reading Strategy- Context Clues-- PGP Reading
Friday 11/4
Earth- Section Review 574
                   Physical-Vocabulary Worksheet "Matter"

Monday 10/23
Earth-Characterisitcs of Light- PPT presentation
Physical- Chem Lab Safety Video with Notes
6th Grade- DMV Test
Tueday  10/24
Earth- Analysis of Light- Spectroscopy
Physical-Hydrated Crystal Lab
6th Grade- Intro to matter- reading text
Wednesday 10/25
Earth-Spectroscope Lab
Physical-Salinity Lab
6th Grade- States of Matter and Phase Changes- Text Assignment

Thursday 10/26
Earth- Review Spectroscope Lab
Physical- Salinity Lab Day 2
6th Grade - States of Matter- Text Assignment
Friday 10/27
Earth- Reading Strategy 1- Science World- PGP Reading
                   Physical-Pre Lab Hydrated Crystial

Oct 16- 20

Monday 10/16
Earth- Telescopes
Physical-Density Lab Day 2
6th Grade- Density Worksheet
Tueday  10/17
Earth- Tools of the Astonomer- Telescopes
Physical-Density Lab Day 3-  PGP Math Science
6th Grade-DMV Worksheet
Wednesday 10/18
Earth-Telescopes Cont- Worlds Largest Refracting and Reflecting
Physical-D, M, V  Review- Lab, Worksheet- PGP Math Sci
6th - Science World Summaries

Thursday 10/19
Friday 10/20

Oct 9 - 13

Monday 10/9
Earth- Astronomy Cont- Role of astronomy
Physical-Density Lab Day 2
6th Intro to Density
Tueday  10/10
Earth- Tools of the Astonomer- Telescopes
Physical-Density Lab Day 3
6th - Intro to Density
Wednesday 10/11
Earth-Telescopes Cont- Worlds Largest Refracting and Reflecting
Physical-D, M, V  Review- Lab, Worksheet
6th- Density Word Pblms

Thursday 10/12
Earth- Notes- Function of Refracting Reflecting Telescopes
Physical- Density Quiz
6th- Density Word Pblms
Friday 10/13
Earth-Sci World Reading-  PGP- Reading
Physical- ScI World Reading- PGP Reading
6th- Density Word Pblms

Monday 10/2
Earth-Complete Science Fair- Review for Quiz
6th- Intro to Volume- Water Displacement
Tueday  10/3
Earth- Sci. Method Test, Chapt 18 Vocabulary
Physical- Day 2 Measurement Lab,  Chapter Review Pgs 30 and 31- All
6th-Intro to Volume- Regular Objects
Wednesday 10/4
Earth-Nat Geo Vid
Physical- Nat Geo Vid
6th- Regular Objects Volume Lab

Thursday 10/5
Earth- Notes- Into to Astronomy
Physical-Density Lab
6th- Regular Objects - Volume Lab
Friday 10/6
Earth-Astronomy Notes- Telescopes
Physical- Density Lab Day 2
6th- Field Trip to STEM

Sept 25-29

Monday 9/25
Earth-Science Fair Work Day
Physical- Accuracy and Precision Worksheet
6th Grade Physical- Metric Measurement- Length
Tueday 9/26
Earth-Read pgs 20 to 27, Do SR's 23, 27
Physical- Sig. Fig Rules, Read pgs 18 to 29, Do SR's 23, 29
6th Grade Physical- Length Lab
Wednesday 9/27
Earth-Review Homework, Begin Studyguide on Sci Methods and Metric Measurement- PGP
Physical- Review Homework, Begin Lab: Metric Measurement- PGP- MATH /Sci
6th Grade Physical- Length Lab Day 2

Thursday 9/28
Earth- Complete Studyguide, Science Fair Final Work Day.
Physical- Laboratory: Metric Measurement and Dimensional Analysis- PGP-Math/Sci
6th Grade Physical- Intro to Mass
Friday 9/29
Earth-Science Fair Day
Physical- Review Lab and Sig Figures Wksht- PGP- Math/Sci
6th Grade Physical-  Finding Mass Lab-  Team Building Activity

Sept 19-22

Monday 9/18
Earth-Notes on Parts of an experiemnt, Variables, Controls- Team Building
Physical- Reading Scales, M,V and Length- Assign pckt on reading scales
6th Physical Science- Practice Identifying parts of experiment- review mouse trap car
Tueday 9/19
Earth-Reading Scales- Packet
Physical- Reading Scales Packet
6th Grade Physical- Design Experiement- Consumer Project
Wednesday 9/20

Earth-Review- Mass, Volume, Length - reading scales
Physical- Mass, Volume, Length - reading scales
6th Grade Physical- Design Experiment

Thursday 9/21
Earth- Mouse Trap Vehicles Due- Race
Physical-  Correct Metric Packet
6th Grade Physical Science- Mouse Trap Cars Due!
Friday 9/22
Earth- Science Fair Work Day
Physical-Notebook Resource Pckt, Accuracy and Precision

Sept 11-15

Monday 9/11

Earth-Notes on Scientific Method, Gizmo Assignment
Physical- Metric Conversion- Worksheet- Metric Mania
6th Grade Physical- Observation/ Inference- Gyro Activity- Team Building
Tueday 9/12
Earth- Review Scientific Methos, Inroduce Consumer Science Fair, Assign: Sci. Method Pckt
Physical- Review Metric Conversion, Notes on Dimensional Analysis, Video - Dimansional Analysis, Assign Part 7 of Metric Pckt
6th Grade Physical Science- Discuss Steps of the Scientific Method
Wednesday 9/13

Earth-Science Fair planning-  Testing consumer products using the Scientific Method
Physical-  Review Dimensional Analysis- apply concept to converting between metric and english equivalencies.
6th Grade Physical- Introduce Mouse Trap Car Project

Thursday 9/14
Earth-  Scientific Method Review, Parts of an experiment, Review Packet-Reading comprehension based on sci meth scenario questions
Physical-  Dimensional Analysis- Metric to English contd., multiplying numbers in sci. notation
6th Grade Physical Science- Notes and examples of independent and depended variables/ review mouse trap car

Friday 9/15
Earth-  Discuss Mouse Trap Car Project
Physical- Review metric conversion, sci. notation, dimensional analysis
6th Grade Physical- Video : Gizmo- Review Mouse Trap Car Project

Sept 5-8

Tuesday 9/5
Earth- Welcome  Back!   Rules Contracts, Seating Chart, Text Book- Team Building
Physical- Welcome Back!  Rules Contract, Seating Chart, Text Book- Team Building
6th Science- Planners, Handbooks, Tour of School, Seating Chart- Team Building
Wednesday 9/6
Earth- Cover Text Book,  Notebook Format, Discuss Observation and Inference
Physical- Cover Text, Notebook Format, Textbook Inventory Worksheet
***  Rules Contracts due for
6th Science- Rules Contract, Review Handbook pgs 1-8, Text Introduction
Thursday 9/7

Earth- Correct SR Pg 11, Notes: Observations and Inferences, Activity- Mystery Box
Physical- Correct Texbook Inventory, Notes- Metric System and Scientific Notation, Assign Metric Packet
6th Grade Physical Science- Turn in Rules Contract, Discuss Observations, Build Gyro

Friday 9/8
Earth-  Review Observation/ Inference,  Notes on Scientific Method, Assign Gizmo Video assignment
Physical-  Review Metric Prefixes, Scientific Notation , Metric Conversion.  
6th Grade Physical Science-  Observation/ Inference Notes- Practice

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