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7th & 10th Grade U.S. History

Mr. Puncochar
        My Name Is Ryan Puncochar and this is my first year at Falls High School.  Studying the people and cultures that came before our own has always been my favorite academic discipline. My hope is that my experience in the social sciences, along with my passion for acquiring knowledge about or past, present, and future will inspire the students at Falls High School.
         I am excited to be in International Falls as I have always dreamed of a teaching in Northern Minnesota. This past season I was an assistent coach for the Bronco Varsity Football team and the head coach of the JV football team. My hope is that I can be a positive addition to Falls High School and the Community of International Falls.

Contact Info:
Phone - 218-283-2571 ext. 163

Class Schedule:
Period 1~8:30-9:30 - 10th Grade U.S. History
Period 2~9:35-10:35 - 7th Grade U.S. History
Period 3~10:40-11:40 Prep Hour
Lunch 11:40-12:15
Period 4~11:45-1:15 7th Grade U.S. History
Period 5~1:20-2:20 7th Grade U.S. History
Period 6~2:25-3:25 7th Grade U.S. History

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